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Madame Butterfly

Giacomo Puccini

Whether you’re new to opera or an aficionado, Madame Butterfly is a timeless must-see. Nothing on Netflix matches the emotional roller coaster of this show, which inspired the hit musical Miss Saigon. This clash of cultures begins when a young Japanese geisha falls hard for a dashing American naval officer. He marries her despite his disingenuous intentions. Our lovesick heroine spends years as a single mom after he returns to the States without her. Finally, she’s left to make a tragic choice that only a mother would – to promise a brighter future for her son.

The Grapes of Wrath

Ricky Ian Gordon & Michael Korie

A classic story gets a full makeover with streamlined storytelling and a contemporary score incorporating bluegrass and American roots music. This is the odyssey of the down-on-their-luck Joad family. They load up their truck and cross the country on Route 66, bound for Cali. Along the way the struggle is real, but they’re determined to shake off the Oklahoma dust and start fresh. It’s a uniquely American opera, combining classic symphonic sounds with banjo, fiddle, and washboard as the backdrop for an unforgettable road trip.

The Trial

Philip Glass & Christopher Hampton

If the Coen brothers wrote an opera, this would be it. Josef K. is abruptly arrested and no one can tell him why – not even the arresting officers. At first, he laughs it off, thinking he’s being Punk’d by friends. But when his trial begins, the judge’s official documents seem to be nothing but clippings from Playboy. Then the court usher’s wife tries to seduce K. during court procedures. Things get impossibly weirder from there. Witness a wildly bizarre, black comedy on justice gone very wrong.

Titus (La clemenza di Tito)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

If you think Scandal is twisted, you’re in for a treat. Titus is the (very) dramatic tale of a (very) tangled love web, with a heavy dose of political conspiracy. It begins with an emperor who’s genuinely in love with the princess of another kingdom, and wants her as his queen. Standing in the way is the daughter of his dethroned predecessor who wants that crown bling for herself – badly (and the fact that his would-be fiancé is in love with someone else!). The plot gets even thicker from there – with more schemes, lies, and deception than daytime TV. Spoiler alert: you may rethink your view on politicians.

Center Stage

A Young Artist Showcase

In this one-night-only concert, exceptionally talented stars-in-the-making from around the world take the stage. Accompanied by members of the amazing St. Louis Symphony, and featuring iconic moments from some of opera’s greatest hits – this is one show you won’t want to miss. It’s OTSL Music Director Stephen Lord’s final season, ending with a crescendo celebration of his magnificent career. No, you can’t catch it on YouTube later.

The Parties+

What's a social event without an after party?

When the bows are over, the festivities move to the starlit gardens. You’re welcome to hang around, meet the performers, and enjoy post-performance cocktails.

Everyone's invited.

Food & Drink+

You may not expect to find one of the best picnic spots in St. Louis at the opera, but our beautiful gardens are full of unique delights.

Order your picnic ahead, bring your own feast, or enjoy sandwiches, snacks, and a full bar in the gardens or under one of our casual tents. Snacks and drinks are also available for purchase during intermission and after the show.

Order a Picnic


Tuxedos and ball gowns are out of style at the opera.

This is not a situation where you need to get fancy. Most people just wear what they wore to work — whether that’s a suit or a sundress. Whatever makes you comfortable is good with us.


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Happy birthday, Verdi! We performed our first Verdi opera in 1979 with a production of "La Traviata." Violetta has graced the OTSL stage three times since, and returns for the 2018 season!
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General Director Timothy O'Leary served up some blue steel freshness while modeling our #eclipseglasses this afternoon. #safetyfirst #solareclipse2017 #totaleclipse #lovewhereyouwork
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We hope everyone's enjoying a well-earned day off! #happy4th @emmbrun ・・・ Happy Fourth from Lake Lou featuring my morning mimosa in my OTSL sippy cup 🇺🇸🍾🥂✨#classyaf
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